Nationally certified inspection & remediation contractors

Greeners Cleaners, Inc. is your environmentally friendly solution for mold and contaminants.  We are Green Seal Certified and offer no fumes and no mess with phenomenal results!

Dr. Shawn M. Greener, CMI, CMRC and Greener’s Cleaners, Inc. are leading edge state of the art nationally certified inspection and remediation contractors.  We set the standard nationally for excellence and innovation in indoor air and water quality testing and remediation.  We use only EPA Registered, Green Seal Certified Biocides and Encapsulants in our leading edge TOTALLY SAFE AND GUARANTEED PROCESSES.

RemediationGreener’s Cleaners is the cleanest, most respectful, effective, and outstanding company in this industry you will ever experience. Our quality and ease of process and systems are without rival in the mold inspection and remediation industry.  We make it right!

If you’re sick and you cant figure out why, let us examine your home, auto and office to determine the cause and the solution!

How To Select A Mold Remediation Professional

It is very important to remember some key criteria in selecting a mold remediation professional:

  1. Ask for the Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediation Contractor Certification numbers and Certifying Organization.  We are listed on  General Contractors are not trained or certified to identify or safely treat mold contaminations and will often place “Certified and Insured, Licensed and Bonded” on their invoices and advertisements.  This is not only misleading, it is lying.
  2. Contrary to popular belief and the perpetuation by contractors posing as mold remediation professionals, General Contractors Liability Insurance does NOT cover anything having to do with mold or other contaminants and SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES mold remediation and/or inspection.
  3. If the referral to the mold remediation contractor came through a referral service, such as Home Advisor, you would benefit from reviewing the ratings and reviews other customers have written about the contractor.
  4. Ask for the contractors Environmental Insurance information, or better yet, ask for their Insurance Broker’s name and telephone number so you can call and have all of the above verified.  We include our broker’s name and number on all of our invoices.

We hope this has been helpful to you in your decision making process.

Greener’s Cleaners isn’t just our name, it’s also our philosophy!

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